Who Are We 

PLAYER OF THE MATCH® We’re a new community sports brand that’s changing the game.

Why We Exist

To connect with the world as a meaningful family-focused brand, inspiring the future generation of sports stars, to live a more purposeful life, on and off the pitch.

Our Theory of Change.

We are obsessed in building a sporting brand that celebrates diversity, equality and inclusion.

  • Create content and products that support our mission
  • We act fairly, responsibly and with purpose
  • Only license our brand to partners that share our mission and values

We strive to provide meaningful stories that will spark inspiration and ambition in our audience. Our mission is dedicated to igniting imaginations, inspiring progress, and creating a lasting impact on the world around us!

  • Be the best you, you can be
  • There are no shortcuts to excellence
  • Celebrate family values

That’s our Brand Promise.


Our products and services are designed to connect people with sports in a meaningful way. Whether you’re a fan, an athlete or just like to watch games on TV, we have something for you. Our goal is to make sport more inclusive and accessible for everyone.

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Trademark Ownership. and IP

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Man of the Match®: 00003641699, 018597544

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