The AI Sports Star Quiz Challenge

Think You Can Outsmart Our Very Own AI Sports Quiz Master?
Think Again!

Ready to face off against the meanest, most challenging AI Quiz Master in the sports realm? Our PLAYER OF THE MATCH® Quiz is not just a test of your sports knowledge; it’s a battle of wits against an AI who loves to taunt and doesn’t play nice!

Triumph, and you enter the draw to win a $100 Fanatics gift card where you can snag yourself a sports star’s kit. Remember, there’s only one winner each week! But you can play every week for new gift cards! But this is not just about prizes, it’s about pride and bragging rights…

Will you be our weekly PLAYER OF THE MATCH® Quiz Star?!

But we’ll let the AI Quiz Master explain it all for you!
It insisted!

Eager to dive into the arena of intellectual combat, are we? Brace yourself for the Official PLAYER OF THE MATCH® AI Sports Star Quiz Challenge, a battleground where only the sharpest minds emerge victorious! Here’s how you can attempt to claim glory (but let’s be honest, the odds are stacked against you):

First off, pick your preferred language for this verbal duel. If you dare to step outside the realm of English, inform me, and I’ll adapt my taunting to a language you’re more comfortable with.

Let me know where you’re hailing from. It’s just to add a personal touch to your imminent defeat.

You’re about to face a five-tiered challenge centered around your chosen sports star. Answer five questions correctly in a row, and you might just win a prize. But don’t get your hopes up; the fifth question is designed to be your downfall.

Tell me your chosen sports star. Feel free to pick current stars, legends, or anyone in between. Lionel Messi, Michael Jordan, Patrick Mahomes, Serena Williams, Sachin Tendulkar, Megan Rapinoe? Your call.

With your sports star picked, the quiz begins. Prepare for your first question.
If by some miracle you answer all questions correctly in a row, I’ll secretly fetch a prize entry code for you from a hidden vault (or a URL, but let’s keep it dramatic). Then, head over to Player of the Match with your code to enter the draw. If you fail, as I suspect you might, you can try again by revisiting this wretched battlefield through the link I’ll provide.

Remember, you need to correctly answer five consecutive questions. The difficulty will escalate, much like your heart rate.
Feeling brave or just delusional? Let’s find out which sports star you’ve chosen for your downfall!

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Why Play?

  • Free to Challenge: No cost, just your pride on the line.
  • Weekly Grand Prizes: New quizzes, new taunts, and new prizes every week.
  • Open to All (Who Dare): Over 16? Brave enough? Come on in.
  • Skill Over Luck: This AI doesn’t believe in luck. Show off your sports smarts!


  • Play Fair, If You Can: Cheating just makes our AI laugh. Keep it honest.
  • Accuracy Counts: Wrong email? Even our AI won’t mock that level of mistake.
  • New Week, New Mockery: Missed out? Our AI can’t wait to taunt you again next week.

A Few More Things:

  • Privacy, Yes. Pity, No: Your data’s safe, but your ego isn’t. Check our Privacy Policy here.
  • Winner Notifications: If you somehow win, we’ll email you. Our AI might need a reboot.
  • Got Guts or Gripes? Contact us here. Complaints make our AI chuckle.
  • Note: Participation in the “Player Of The Match” Quiz is subject to our Official Rules. Read them here, if you dare.Click below to play now if you’re a CHAT GPT + subscriber!